Our Facility

We are dedicated to providing quality care for your pets, and our experienced staff is here to tell you all about our hospital.

Large animal Facility

*Please note this facility is not for horses.

Livestock Facility

Our livestock facility is designed to help patients, clients, and staff feel welcomed and safe. The modern design helps with efficiency in workflow throughout that day. With our facility, we are able to care for and treat more large animals in our community. Our brand new facility is well constructed and is designed with safety in mind for everyone involved.

At our livestock facility, our main focus is cattle. We strive to provide a healthy, and stress-free environment for cattle. Thanks for considering Country Vets.

Haul-in Facility for Livestock

This facility contains a circle driveway for unloading cattle, thus clients do not have to back up large trailers into difficult areas

Cattle Working Facility

  • The cattle working facility allows for low-stress handling of our cattle patients during the loading and unloading process.

Hydraulic Silencer Chute

  • A hydraulic silencer chute is used for cattle of any size, such as processing calves, semen testing bulls, and pregnancy-checking cows.

Hydraulic foot table

  • The hydraulic foot table allows our team to be able to lift cattle and lay them on their side so we can safely work on their feet.

Holding pens

  • Holding pens can be used for hospitalized patients, perform embryo transfers on patients, or safely drop off sick patients for the day.